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Home Sanitizing & Disinfection Services in Johnston, RI

After a pest problem in your home, you need fast, reliable sanitizing and disinfecting services to return it to a safe and comfortable state. At Pest Patrol, Inc., we are a family-owned and operated pest control business with years of experience. After we provide pest control services, we can also provide remediation and clean-up services that eliminate pest damage, insulation damage, and urine and feces. We use non-toxic, non-harmful cleaning solutions that maintain the safety of your home while eliminating harmful contaminants associated with pest, animal, rodent, and wildlife infestations. Our disinfectant and cleaning services and post-pest control disinfection services in Johnston, RI, and throughout Rhode Island will restore your home to a safe, comfortable condition and significantly reduce your risk of future pest problems.

Why Do You Need Cleaning Services After Pest Control?

After we complete pest control, rodent control, or wildlife removal services, you will likely have some messes left behind that need to be cleaned up. Professional cleaning and sanitizing services will guarantee that harmful feces, urine, and other contaminants are safely removed. Sanitizing surfaces and removing signs of pests, rodents, or animal infestations will ensure nothing remains that could get you or your family sick. Depending on the extent of your pest, animal, or rodent problem, there could be contaminants on countertops, flooring, and walls or inside cabinets, drawers, closets, and insulation. Deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services will improve indoor air quality and remove anything harmful to your health.

Our Home Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

We specialize in safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions for post-pest control remediation. Once we have gotten rid of the pests, rodents, or wildlife in and around your property, we will help you restore your home to a safe, comfortable space. Our home sanitizing and disinfecting services include:

  • Deep Clean – Our deep clean includes home sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, floors, and areas where a pest, rodent, or animal infestation occurred. We use safe, non-toxic, and non-harmful cleaning solutions.
  • Insulation and Fecal RemediationOur insulation and fecal remediation services include the removal of urine, hair, fecal material, and more from insulation, attics, and crawl spaces. Our services can reduce your risk of health and safety complications that could occur post-pest control.
  • Exclusion and Damage RepairOur exclusion and damage repair services provide solutions once pest control is completed. Our team will restore your home as if the pests were never there. We will also find solutions to keep pests out in the future.

Benefits of Doing a Deep Clean After Pest Control Services

If you have had a pest, rodent, or animal problem, you want to be absolutely sure that there are no traces of animal droppings or fur left in your home, as that could pose a health risk to you and your family. Our team will ensure all feces, urine, and contaminated materials are removed and all areas safely sanitized using non-toxic cleaning solutions. We will also repair insect and animal damage and provide pest-exclusion services. The benefits of cleaning after pest control services are:

  • A safer, healthier, and more comfortable home.
  • Reduced risk of illness from bacteria, viruses, and pathogens carried by pests and rodents.
  • Complete clean-up after pest removal services using non-toxic and non-harmful cleaning products.
  • Total elimination of animal and rodent droppings, feces, hair, waste, and other contaminants.
  • Identification of areas at risk for future pest or animal issues.

When to Schedule Home Disinfecting & Cleaning Services

After pest control services are complete, your home should be cleaned and sanitized. We recommend scheduling home disinfecting and cleaning services if:

  • You have recently had a problem with insects, cockroaches, rodents, animals, or other pests in your home.
  • You want to reduce your risk of a pest problem.
  • You want to lower your chances of illness related to pest, animal, or rodent issues.
  • You want to eliminate dangerous bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from surfaces.

Why Choose Pest Patrol, Inc.

At Pest Patrol, Inc., we have made it our mission to protect local homes from pest, rodent, and animal infestations. Our goal is to leave your home free from pests to make it safer, more comfortable, and healthier than before we arrived. Our pest control services can reduce your risk of pest, animal, and rodent-related property damage and health and safety issues. Our home cleaning and disinfecting services can eliminate dangerous contaminants that could affect the health and safety of your family. We are a locally owned and operated company in business since 1996. During our decades in business, we have expanded our services and carefully adjusted our techniques and methods based on the latest research, trends, and technology in our industry. We specialize in:

  • Pest inspections
  • Termite and pest management
  • 24-hour humane wildlife removal
  • Wildlife consulting
  • Problem bird management
  • Pest prevention education
  • Feces removal and disinfecting services
  • Odor elimination
  • Damaged inflation removal
  • Pest damage repair
  • And more

Contact Us for Your Pest Control & Disinfecting Needs

If you need professional, efficient pest control and cleaning and disinfecting services in Rhode Island, our team at Pest Patrol, Inc. can help. We can provide a thorough inspection, identify pest problems quickly, and find safe, effective pest control solutions for your home. Call us today or contact us online to request an estimate or schedule an in-home consultation.

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