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Managing Tick and Mosquito Infestations

While Rhode Island isn’t the tropical, wet climate we usually think of when picturing mosquito swarms, this doesn’t mean these pests can’t take over your New England property. When you notice an uptick in the mosquito or tick populations around your home or business, get in touch with Pest Patrol Inc. Our team is at the ready to rid your property of these pests, whether you’ve noticed only a few or an entire swarm.

Mosquito Prevention Solution by Pest Patrol in Rhode Island

Getting Rid of Mosquitos

Our team is well-equipped to rid your home of mosquitos without harming your family, pets, or natural plant life around your property. We’ll utilize specialized treatments designed to eliminate the infestation, and perhaps create a schedule for return visits to check up on your case. If you’d like, we can educate you on some of the best mosquito prevention techniques, such as those designed to limit their breeding grounds and make your home less attractive to them in the first place. Pest Patrol Inc may use one-time sprays or eco-friendly solutions to eliminate mosquitos.

Say Goodbye to Tick Infestations

Though ticks are tiny creatures, they come with serious health risks. A tick bite can result in a variety of illnesses, even though the bite itself might be difficult to detect. Fortunately, Pest Patrol Inc has the tools you need to get rid of ticks. We’ll use tick control techniques to rid your property of the current infestation and reapply these treatments as needed for best results. After the threat is gone, we’ll make sure you’re up-to-date on tick prevention strategies and ways to identify an infestation before it becomes a more significant problem.

Put Your Fears to Rest with Pest Patrol Inc

Whether your Rhode Island home is being affected by swarms of mosquitos or hordes of ticks, take a walk around your property knowing Pest Patrol Inc has you covered. We’re well-trained in all the safest techniques for pest control, especially those hindering any harm to your family, pets, or garden. Have questions about our pest removal strategies? Feel free to talk to our staff about your concerns.

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