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Safe Wasp Removal in Johnston, RI

Bees, hornets, and wasps can pose a health and safety risk to people at your home or business. Beehives, wasp nests and hornets nests can also damage your property and make it structurally unsound. You should never attempt bee and wasp removal yourself. At Pest Patrol, Inc., our team has decades of experience in safe, efficient bee removal, hornet removal, and wasp removal in Johnston, RI, and throughout Rhode Island. We use specialized techniques and technology that ensure safe bee removal, hornet removal and wasp nest removal without damage to your property or any risk to your health and safety. We offer thorough inspections and efficient, reliable pest control services and pest prevention services that reduce your risk of bee, hornet, and wasp problems.

Wasp is being removed by Pest Patrol Inc. a family-owned pest control service in Johnston, RI.

Why You Need Wasp and Hornet Nest Removal & Bee Removal Services

Only professionals have the expertise, tools, and proper equipment to remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your property safely. Our team stays on top of the latest research, trends, and advancements in the industry to ensure we always use the most environmentally conscious, most efficient, and most effective bee, hornet, and wasp removal methods. Our focus is on your safety and the safety of your property, so we do not cut corners or take shortcuts in our pest control services. In addition to bee, hornet and wasp removal, we will also provide pest prevention tips to reduce your risk of future pest problems, and we can provide pest and insect damage repair services to return your property to a comfortable, and beautiful condition.

Also, important to note, we are also beekeepers. That makes us especially cautious when applying environmentally conscious products near our bee friends, as we do not want to disturb their pollination.

When to Call an Expert for Honeybee Removal

If you are aware of when you need to call an expert for bee, hornet, or wasp removal, you can reduce damage to your property and avoid health and safety issues. The sooner you call our team, the less likely it is that your property will suffer significant damage. Call us today for a pest inspection and bee, hornet, and wasp removal services if you notice any of these signs:

  • One or more wasp nests or hornet nests on your property.
  • More than one bee or wasp inside your property.
  • Multiple bees, wasps, or hornets flying around the outside of the property.
  • Dark, sticky patches on walls or ceilings.
  • Strange lumps that look like a ball of paper or pieces of mud or clay underneath eaves or in the roof, wall, sheds, or garages.
  • Buzzing or other strange noises from your vents, chimney, pipes, or walls.
  • Chewed up wood or tunnels or holes in wood.

Our Wasp, Bee, and Hornet Prevention Tips

Taking simple steps to prevent bees, hornets, and wasps from making their homes on your property can save you time, stress, and money. Here are our professional wasp and bee prevention tips:

  • Schedule regular pest control services, particularly seasonal pest control.
  • Regularly inspect your property for signs of bees, wasps, and hornets.
  • Seal up all cracks, holes, or gaps on your property and in any sheds, garages, or outdoor structures.
  • Patch up holes in window and door screens or replace them as soon as they are damaged.
  • Plant citronella, thyme, or eucalyptus near doors and windows.
  • Dispose of all waste properly, and don’t let it accumulate near your property.
  • Keep trash cans, dumpsters, recycling bins, and compost bins tightly sealed and regularly rinsed out.

Our Pest Control Services

In addition to bee, wasp and hornet removal, we also offer other commercial, residential, and industrial pest control services throughout Rhode Island. Call us today to request an estimate or schedule a consultation for:

  • Wildlife consultations
  • 24-hour humane wildlife removal
  • Bat removal and exclusion
  • Deer spraying and prevention
  • Nuisance beaver and predator management
  • Indoor rodent control
  • Outdoor wildlife and rodent control
  • Termite and other insect management
  • Tick and mosquito management
  • Problem bird management and prevention
  • Carpenter ant solutions
  • Wood destroying pest removal
  • Seasonal pest control services
  • Pest inspections
  • Exclusion and damage repair
  • Insulation remediation
  • Cleaning and disinfection services
  • Pest damage repair & prevention
  • Feces removal
  • Odor elimination
Bee Removal Services in Johnston, RI

Why Choose Pest Patrol, Inc.

At Pest Patrol, Inc., we are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Rhode Island residents since 1996. We have a strong commitment to protecting the homes and businesses in our community, and we work hard to ensure we are always using the most environmentally conscious and most effective pest control methods. We also focus on education and prevention, and we can offer inspections of your home or business to identify early warning signs of a pest problem or areas of entry that could allow pests into the property. Each member of our team is committed to thorough pest, insect, and wildlife removal services that maintain the health, safety, comfort, and value of your property.

Schedule a Consultation for Pest Control

If you have a bee or wasp problem on your property, our team at Pest Patrol, Inc. can offer reliable, effective pest control in Johnston, RI, and throughout Rhode Island. We will inspect your property thoroughly to evaluate the extent of the problem and then offer professional solutions for bee removal, wasp removal, and bee and wasp prevention. Call us today or contact us online to request an estimate or schedule a consultation.

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