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Tick Management Services in Johnston, RI

Ticks are a huge nuisance as they can spread disease and cause infection. Ticks can affect the health and safety of you, your animals, and your family, and you should take proactive measures to prevent ticks in your home and yard. At Pest Patrol, Inc., we have decades of experience in environmentally conscious, reliable, and effective tick control in Johnston, RI, and throughout Rhode Island. We will thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home or business to identify signs of a tick infestation. We will also offer professional tips and services for tick prevention on your property. Our goal is to find quick solutions to pest problems and offer comprehensive pest control services that enhance the safety, comfort, and beauty of your home or business.

Tick removal Services in Johnston, RI, by Pest Patrol Inc.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control for Ticks

Getting rid of ticks on your own can be laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. If you don’t have the right tools, equipment, and experience, you risk not getting rid of all the ticks and allowing the problem to get bigger and more dangerous. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with tick infestations, and we take a comprehensive approach to tick removal, pest control, and pest exclusion. We use techniques and environmentally conscious solutions with an incredibly high success rate and can also help you reduce future tick problems. The benefits of our professional tick management services are:

  • Increased peace of mind and comfort in your home or yard.
  • Improved health for you, your family, and your pets.
  • Fast, effective solutions that work to minimize your downtime or inconvenience.
  • Maintain the health and comfort of your pets and animals.
  • Year-round reduction of ticks.
Tick control in Johnston, RI, by Pest Patrol Inc.

Signs You Have Ticks On Your Property

The sooner you notice a tick infestation in your yard, the easier it will be for our team to execute pest control services. Call us right away if you notice any of these signs you need tick control for your yard, and we will schedule a pest inspection.

Signs not limited to:

  • Small bugs in your pet’s hair, on its skin, in its bedding, or near its food and water bowls.
  • Ticks on your skin or clothing.
  • Welts, rashes, or bumps on your skin or the skin of your pet or family member.
  • Excessive, prolonged itching or scratching.
  • One or more ticks in your yard.
  • If you suspect symptoms of a tick-borne illness: fever, chills, body aches, headaches, fatigue, or a rash, PLEASE consult medical help immediately.

Tips for Tick Management for Yards & Homes

Following these tick pest control and prevention tips can significantly reduce your risk of a tick problem. Our team also offers seasonal tick prevention services and tick management services that will reduce ticks on your property. Read through our tips for tick control for yards and homes, and call us with any questions:

  • Regularly trim grass to 3” height and remove weeds.
  • Clear all brush, tall grass, and weeds around your home and areas where children and pets play.
  • Create a 3-foot wide barrier around your yard with gravel, mulch, or wood chips if you live near a wooded area or field. To prevent tick migration, you can also create a barrier around outdoor patios, play areas, and seating areas.
  • Reduce areas where rodents can travel or hide, as they often carry ticks.
  • Mow your lawn regularly and immediately get rid of leaves and yard trimmings.
  • Stack wood in a dry area away from your home.
  • Do not install playground equipment or outdoor seating areas near trees, shaded areas, or wooded areas. Instead, place them in a sunny area 9’ away from the brush or tree line.
  • Do not store trash, furniture, mattresses, or other refuse near your home.
  • Check bodies and clothing for ticks when returning from a walk or hike in a wooded area or field.
  • Avoid tick-infested places and areas that have a high wildlife population.
  • Use tick-repellant spray when hiking or camping.
  • Use a lint brush on your clothing after outdoor activities and events.

Common Types of Ticks in Rhode Island

If you see anything that looks like a tick in your home or yard or on you, your pet, or a family member, you should call our team right away. Even if it is not a tick, it could be another type of insect you want to eliminate. The most common types of ticks you’ll see in Rhode Island are:

  • Rocky Mountain wood tick
  • Blacklegged tick – also known as a deer tick
  • American dog tick
  • Brown dog tick
  • Lone Star tick

Why Choose Pest Patrol, Inc.

At Pest Patrol, Inc., we are a family-owned and operated pest control company that has been protecting homes and businesses throughout Rhode Island since 1996. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest and most effective, yet environmentally conscious, pest control solutions, and we stay on top of the latest research, trends, advancements, and technology in our industry. We focus on client education and prevention to help you reduce your risk of a pest, insect, rodent, or animal problem. We specialize in pest control, pest damage remediation, pest prevention, and wildlife control services, including:

  • 24-hour humane wildlife removal services
  • Wildlife consultation services
  • Problem animal, rodent, and pest prevention services
  • Insect and termite management
  • Bat, outdoor wildlife, and rodent services
  • Indoor rodent and animal services
  • Tick and mosquito management
  • Pest and animal damage repair
  • Pest and animal exclusion services
  • Feces and odor removal services
  • Pest inspections
  • Seasonal pest control services

Call Today for Tick & Pest Control Services

If you have noticed signs of ticks or other pests in your home, yard, or on your pets, our team at Pest Patrol, Inc. can help. We will thoroughly inspect your property’s interior and exterior to check for signs of ticks or other pests. We will then create a plan for efficient tick management and tick prevention services. Call us today or contact us online to get started on tick and pest control in Johnston, RI, and throughout Rhode Island.

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